VibrantHues was founded in 2017 in Bengaluru, Karnataka with the intention of providing authentic, high-quality handloom, and hand-crafted sarees globally as well as all across India. VibrantHues is an assorted online shopping souk of intricate and tasteful clothing, accessories and home deco ascertaining that you and your home look your finest. Our aim is to provide classy, stylish ethnic wear making you the cynosure of all eyes. We are consistently striving to enhance you and your home with an authentic touch.
With VibrantHues we aspire to bring into fore the creativity and passion of the artisans helping them earn a decent living. Our skilled rural female artisans, from West Bengal and adjoining states, dedicatedly handcraft a range of stand-out lifestyle products making you the centre of attention. You are provided with unique, sleek, sought-after goods that are made with passion in keeping with tradition and individuality.
Amongst our dedicatedly handcrafted items are Kantha sarees. It’s finely crafted by rural female artisans in a manner, both, expressing as well as preserving tradition in modern times. Kantha, one of the most popular forms of embroidery of West Bengal, is articulately crafted into our sarees. Kantha embroidery is distinct and generally emanates a vintage aura. This embroidery is done using seven different stitch variations. The motifs are inspired from day-to-day life with detailed threading being done in prominent as well as subtle contrasts. Not only is the contemporary form of this kind of embroidery popular but its original, traditional form is taking over newer markets globally.
We also engage in the sale of handcrafted sarees in Batik, cotton, Jamdani, Khadi-cotton, linen, matka, muslin, silk, silk cotton and Tussar. Thus with our collection, you are spoilt for choice. Our products make for great wear for both casual and formal occasions.
We offer an exquisite accessory collection comprising of beautifully stitched dupattas, stoles and scarves to complement all your outfits. You can opt for subtle or bold statement jewellery pieces from our impressive collection as well. Every item on our site is versatile and aesthetically striking.
We also have a home décor section offering you attractive cushion covers, bed covers, table mats and runners as well as wall hangings, and paintings. Our giftable items are inclusive of sturdy jewellery/storage boxes, all sized notebooks, and folders.
Not only do we intend bringing our products to the comfort of your homes or anywhere across the globe but we ensure that you are completely satisfied with all your purchases. Offline, our work has inspired us to have several pop-ups all across India where we proudly display our products. Subscribing to our newsletter will enable you to know when we are in your city.
Our enterprise is striving to make an impact on the lives of these rural weaving communities and has even inspired reverse migration in areas inhabited by them. This is done in keeping with our culture and tradition. Our work is not only restricted with the classic styles but we have diversified to provide you with the contemporary edge that will make you stand out. Our site is all about sustainability. We assure you that our timeless pieces are worth being a part of your capsule collection wardrobe rather than less sustainable, mass-produced pieces. In this day and age of fast fashion our approach towards the fashion industry is distinct as we believe in long-term sustainability of products at a fair rate and that is exactly what we are determined to provide. All our products are meticulously made by hand by weavers passionate about their craft
With our plethora of traditional clothing, jewellery and home products we hope to inspire you to create a statement of your own. We regularly update our site, with the latest arrivals of exclusive products, to provide you with a spoilt-for-choice range of products.
Your patronage will support us in our endeavour of empowering artisans and traditional weaving communities. We promote minority entrepreneurship divulging the talents of the minorities who strive to fulfil their dreams with hard work and creativity. We are pleased to inform you that a part of your purchase is going towards proceeds that help weavers and artisans in their pursuit of becoming independent. With our one-of-a-kind products we assure you that you will be ecstatic about incorporating our ethnic staples into your lives.

We pride ourselves on adding colour to your life and look forward to you displaying our legacy.